Read and learn

Whether you are at school or home, confirm that you do away with idleness. Try to involve yourself in constructive work like reading novels and so on. Unleash your potential to new chances and utilize your time to the maximum.


Contemplating on certain issues when relaxing helps one to achieve good memory and a stable state. Furthermore, it increases better mind function, and improves ones sleep. Consequently, try to meditate daily on a specific object to attain full balance of the body.

Do exercises

Regular exercise you love strengthens your body and relive stress. You can perform yoga, a good exercise for your overall body. Exercises enhance mind relaxation as well as improving coordination and flexibility of the body.

Avoid sit ups

Too much sitting is connected to dangerous conditions of the body including; diabetes heart diseases among more. As a consequence try to stand up and take rounds here and there to make your body active and do away with passiveness.

Strengthen your desires

Set time apart every day to do what you love most. Your body , mind and spirit needs to be nurtured each day. Do you love dancing, music, playing games, writing and reading? Don’t work too much and forget your hobby.

Get enough sleep

Each and every day, you are all under duties and responsibilities. After all this make sure you have at least a nap during the day to get some rest. Lack of enough sleep contributes to certain diseases.

Find direction to your career

Your career is the most relevant plan of your life. Wake up from sleep, your dream is calling you. Chase after your dreams each day and overcome all life obstacles.

By applying some or all of the above strategies, you will undoubtedly attain mind ,soul and body stability.